Tina M. Randolph is the author of the series Mystic Deja and other science-fiction and fantasy novels for adults, teens, and children. She is an artist and graphic designer, with a background in web development and computer programming.

Randolph is originally from Grambling, Louisiana, where she loved the country atmosphere, and learned how to be creative. Since the age of 4, she was raised in Houston, Texas, and attended the Art Institute to become an artist. Her interests as a writer began when she was a teenager, and although she started her career as a graphic designer, she has always been interested in writing and making movies with high-end special effects.

Her first novel reflects her imaginative and creative abilities to inspire life lessons through science fiction and fantasy. In 1994, Randolph won the songwriting competion for the song "Sign of the Time" in The Sammy Davis Jr. Awards, and has written well over 40 pop songs, yet to be released. She plays the piano and the harp, and has performed on stage with such groups as the Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra.

Randolph’s stories are unique in that they have a cutting edge quality, causing readers to rethink the possibilities of what is unknown in fringe science. Constant themes that continue to come across in her novels are: identifying and using one's talents and gifts, explorations of the paranormal, obtaining inner peace, explorations in alternate worlds, and saving the planet.

As a child, she dreamed of starting her own publishing company, and throughout her life, she has continued to pursue her goals of building her publishing business. Each year, Rhapsody Publishing will release a wide category of books, which she hopes will inspire creativity in the minds of children and young adults. 

Tina currently lives in Houston, Texas with her dog Gipsey, and spends most of her time reading, writing, and studying 3D animation and visual effects.