There are many species of dragons in Breath of Dragons, but for the most part, they can be categorized into four areas. The Aurian dragons, also called air dragons, are winged and have metallic coloring and markings. Their habitats are in the floating cities and coastlines within the Aurian zones.

There are Great dragons, like Aeron, a dragon of the Aurian League, whose duty is to protect the air and dwellings of the floating city of Lumina. She is one of a few dragons that allow the Aurian Drakon Masters to manipulate her breath in order to control memory. Aeron does not breath fire, like the regular dragons of legend, but instead she spews out a golden mist.

The Crystallian dragons live in the wintery regions to the north. This includes snowy valleys, mountains and cities in that zone. You could easily run into a white or blue dragon breathing a chilly breath that has the power to restore life. These dragons can still be dangerous, but their energy is to restore balance and give back to the cycle of life.

All Zealian jungle-zoned dragons are wingless class. They breathe fire breath, the most basic of elements, because their energy is that of death. Fire breathing dragons have been around the longest, and can even carry a poisonous venom in their glands.   

Lastly are the Neptunian water dragons. These dragons stick mostly to the seas, lakes, and rivers and are the most revered among the dragon species. They can come in many shapes and sizes, including a colossal height and weight. Their water breath has the power to change reality, which in the sum of things can be the most frightening magic to manifest.

On Marquee Viridian working moms have the luxury of having androids that not only cook and clean, but take care of the children too. They take the place of our current day baby monitors and nannies. There are numerous types of androids, robots, and servant bots in Breath of Dragons: Vanished. And all of them have important duties, but nanny androids hold a special place in the book.

For instance Veedo99 has the job of watching out for incoming and outgoing messages that are important to the Aurian League Drakon Masters and council members. Then there are the androids that handle feeding the dragons, and making sure it is done in a timely manner.

Amber 216 is one of the main characters. She helps to lighten the work load in this futuristic dragon story. Her main focus is on cooking, cleaning, and being a companion android for an eleven year old girl, Capri. If Capri was ever in any danger, she would be right by her side, trying to make sure she was safe.

Although not trained in combat, there are a few special features Amber 216 comes equipped with. I won’t give you a spoiler here, so you’ll have to read the book in order to find out what those special features are.

The fact that there are androids and dragons sharing the same environment is what makes Breath of Dragons original. This isn’t just an all dragon theme, but in the year 3088, there are many technological advances that makes dragons in the future a worthwhile read.  


When I read my first science fiction novel 20 years ago, it was the most amazing book, and it opened my eyes to a new perspective on life. The writer was Robert Silverberg and the book was The Masks of Time. I found the book in a little used and rare book store in Houston called The Book Browser.

Robert Silverberg is a many time winner of Hugo and Nebula awards. After the first book, I went on to read more of his writings: The Son of Man, To Open The Sky, The World Inside, The Face of The Waters, The whole Majipoor series, Tower of Glass, Dying Inside, and The Book of Skulls to name a few.

But before I fell in love with Robert Silverberg’s books, I had already begun to create the character for Mystic Deja when I was 19. My alter ego came from numerous dreams, and as an artist, my first instincts were to create a comic book.

I did try to draw Mystic Deja many times, including designing outfits for her, but the story didn’t really come together in my head until November of 1999. The book was written and self-published by 2002.

Now, more than a decade later, I have written two more novels, and I’m focused on writing science fiction. Why? Well, I believe that sci-fi comes from the rarest of thoughts, from new perspectives on life. It can open the mind to things that have never been thought of. It can “boldly go, where no man has gone before”, as the say in Star Trek.

So, with that being said, you should especially enjoy reading Breath of Dragons: Vanished, because it definitely goes there. Dragons in the future, oh my!